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Get Contracted

Here's what you need to do in order to sell Athene products in New York.

Step 1: Get contracted

If you are not currently contracted and appointed with Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Company of New York, contact your Marketing Organization for a contracting packet. If you do not have a Marketing Organization please contact our Sales Desk at 855-4-ATHENE (855-428-4363).

Complete all necessary paperwork making sure to answer all questions, include all required attachments, and sign all required forms, then return the completed forms back to your Marketing Organization. They will then submit the packet to Athene's Agency Services team to expedite your contracting. Producers should never submit contracting paperwork directly to Athene.

Step 2: Get appointed

Read the Doing Business Guide to familiarize yourself with Athene's appointment guidelines. Pay particular attention to the guidelines outlined in the Producer Solicitation Chart. Strict adherence is required.

We practice Just-In-Time (JIT) Appointing which allows you, the producer, to submit appointment paperwork at the same time you submit a new business application. We also pre-contract producers and agencies as a part of our JIT process. This allows you to be contracted before completing New York state appointment and prior to soliciting Athene products.

We do not finalize the appointment with New York until your first application is received. Appointment is dependent upon a successful background check and completion of all state and company mandated training requirements. By going through the pre-contracting process with your Marketing Organization, you will know in advance that you are approved to solicit Athene's products.

What could cause a delay in the processing of your contracting packet?

There are a few causes for a delay:

  1. You submitted contracting paperwork directly to Athene. Producers must go through a Marketing Organization. If you do not have a Marketing organization, please contact the Athene Annuity NY Sales Desk at 855-4-ATHENE (855-428-4363)
  2. Your contracting paperwork was incomplete. Be sure to completely answer all questions on all forms and include all required documents.
  3. You answer YES to any of questions on the Producer Application for Appointment Form. This requires full and complete disclosure of the situation in question, and may require extended processing time for carrier review. Failure to provide full details can not only delay the contracting process, but also cause rejection of your appointment. This would ultimately cause the business application to be rejected.

For agent use only. Not to be used with the offer or sale of annuities.