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Group Annuities

Your pension. Our promise.


A group annuity is an annuity contract designed to cover many people. In this case, a company's pension plan purchases a group annuity from Athene in exchange for our promise to provide guaranteed income payments to covered individuals, or annuitants.

From plan to payment

  1. Pension plan sponsor buys a group annuity contract from Athene
  2. A group annuity certificate is issued to each annuitant
  3. Annuitants receive guaranteed income payments backed by the financial strength of Athene

Financial security you can depend on

The guarantees provided by a group annuity contract provide strong, sustainable financial security throughout retirement. That's because, as a group annuity provider, Athene is required by law to:

  • Maintain sufficient reserves to cover annuity obligations
  • Set aside additional capital to support our guarantees
  • Test the adequacy of our assets and reserves every year
  • Comply with strict state regulatory supervision