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Looking for Leisure

Your retirement priority will be to take control of your schedule in order to relax and explore multiple interests. Doesn’t sound like you? Take our quiz to discover your more.

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What brings you joy?

Having more free time and the freedom to spend that time however you choose is what you’re looking forward to most in retirement. In fact, you can't wait to do all the activities you didn’t have time for during your working years, like socializing with friends, taking vacations, playing tennis, reading a few goods books, or simply relaxing at home. If working (for an income) is going to be furthest from your mind, are you financially prepared to support yourself throughout retirement? Work with your Athene financial professional and answer these important questions.

Ask yourself...

Does your financial plan meet your monthly needs without additional income from part-time work?

Cover your needs first and your wants second. If you do not plan on working for an income after retirement, but desire to participate in activities and explore other interests, it’s imperative that your budget will allow for more than just your monthly expenses. Your Athene financial professional can help you make sure that your current assets will cover additional expenses.

Would you like to downsize from your current home?

Downsizing may not only save you money in the long-run but can also cut down on upkeep and reduce your monthly bills. If you plan enough ahead of time, you may even become mortgage-free.

Are you considering a new location for your retirement or a retirement community with activity options?

Where would you like to spend your golden years? Do you want to avoid the snowy winters and head south? Do you want a yard to keep your green thumb active or is condo living your ideal? Is being near other people with similar goals and interests a priority? If so, maybe a retirement community is the right fit for you.

Are there certain leisure activities you plan to enjoy?

Relaxation is great, but it’s also important to stay active both mentally and physically. Once you decide what activities will make you happy, search out other like-minded people and join or start a club.


Make your dream a reality

Once you have a clear picture of what you want, you’ll be ready to build your plan.



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