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Giving Back with Service

Your retirement priority will be to take control of your schedule in order to relax and explore multiple interests. Doesn’t sound like you? Take our quiz to discover your more.

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What brings you joy?

You want to contribute to worthy causes and devote your time to serving those in need. You see retirement as an opportunity to make a difference in your community and have a greater sense of purpose. You find joy and satisfaction in helping others. To adequately prepare financially, work with your Athene financial professional and answer these important questions.

Ask yourself...

Do you already have a cause (or causes) you feel passionate about?

Do you have a love for animals? Are you passionate about living in a green society? Are you a supporter of the arts? There are so many organizations where your help could make a huge difference —in someone else's life, your community, or the world.

Do you have skills or experience gained during your career that could be applied to volunteering?

When researching opportunities, do some soul searching and figure out the best organizations for you and the skills you have to offer. Where can you make the most impact?

Do you want to travel for volunteer activities?

There are several opportunities to travel while volunteering. Do your research and look into organizations that combine the opportunity to give back with the experience of travel. Examples include missionary work, Peace Corps, Habitat for Humanity and more. Plan ahead to make sure you are both financially and physically fit in order to embark on such an experience.

Will you need discretionary income to participate in charitable activities?

Even if you plan to donate just your time, there may be expenses involved, such as travel to and from activities or events. If you do want to contribute financially, how much and how often do you plan to contribute? What about after you are gone? Are your favorite organizations provided for in your will? Do you want to set up a trust or some sort of fund or foundation? Speak to your Athene financial professional and other professionals to make sure your money goes where you intend and provides a legacy that will last even after you're gone.


Make your dream a reality

Once you have a clear picture of what you want, you’ll be ready to build your plan.



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